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HR advice & solutions for SME's

When it comes to running your own business, keeping your HR matters in order is paramount – whether that's recruiting well, training and developing your people well, handling poor performance and misconduct well, and most importantly ensuring your business complies with employment legislation.

Yet how much time are you actually spending on people related issues?

HR Tactic's objective is to provide professional, high quality, affordable HR services for businesses with 5-30 employees.

Are you asking yourself any (or all) of these questions below?

If you are, then we can help!

Are your employment contracts, policies, procedures and HR documentation legally compliant with the:

* Fair Work Act

* Workplace Health & Safety Act

Do you know why your employees are performing under par?

Are you looking for practical cost-effective ways to improve employee performance?
Time poor? Need it done now? Need it done right?

Want to lower the cost of managing the hiring, managing and firing of employees?

We can run you through a demo of some of the most simple to use, affordable, cloud based HR software on the market for SME's and you can decide which is the right system for your business.

Once you have one, you won't know how you survived without it before.

Need to set up the HR function for your business?

Need to know if your HR function is operating effectively, efficiently and is legally compliant?

A subscription to our phone-based Employer Advisory Service "HR Now" starts from $99/month

Call for advice on ANY HR issues.

HR Packages - to systemise your HR and get your business growing