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5 Top Tips for Rewarding your Staff

How, when, where and why should you recognise employees for a job well done? Has our culture of ensuring "every child player wins a prize" conditioned employees to believe recognition and awards are some sort of entitlement, rather than a pat on the back for extraordinary effort or service? The truth of the matter is that recognition and staff awards are key motivators that may reduce staff turnover rates by 15-20% if the process is handled... correctly.

Here are the main points to remember:

- Make the feedback as timely as possible. The afterglow is short but memories are long.
- Think about the big picture and tie affirmations to business goals. Reward people doing right things.
- Make the recognition appropriate in scale, and connect recognition to tangible results and effort.
- Be authentic, not automatic. Be careful… automated recognition systems often appear insincere.
- Don't rely on the cheque book. Financial incentives are rarely a reason for extraordinary effort.

Research from global engagement agency BI Worldwide has shown that appropriate employee recognition and reward programs deliver several positive outcomes for organisations. Tricia Mikolai, managing director of BI Worldwide, said, "A well-constructed employee awards program increases engagement and productivity, and reduces staff turnover."

You should bear in mind that roughly 80% of staff believe they are not sufficiently recognised or rewarded for the work they do and that a similar percentage believe they are above average, despite the fact that only 50% of any sample can be above average.

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