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AUDITING AGAIN - Brisbane restaurants, cafes and bars - It's your turn now!

HR compliance with Fair Work Act
Would the HR practices in your SME stand up to scrutiny?
This week, Fair Work Inspectors surprised approx. 80 of Brisbane's Fortitude Valley eateries with unannounced audits. The audits spanned the precinct's restaurants, bars and cafés in the Ombudsman's continued drive to uncover and stamp out those HR practices that are non-compliant with Australia's workplace laws.

With penalties for breaches of the Fair Work Act being up to $53,000 per breach, let's hope all or at least a high proportion of these businesses had their ducks in a row and achieved an assessment outcome of fully compliant.

What will Workplace Inspectors be auditing?
There are many requirements on employers under the Fair Work Act. These current audits are focusing on assessing time-and-wage records to check:
  1. pay rates (including overtime and penalty rates)
  2. entitlements
  3. compliance with pay-slip requirements, and
  4. compliance with record-keeping laws.
While some businesses were selected for audit randomly, others were chosen after tip offs from the members of the public and/or employees.

How to check if you are compliant?
Basically you have two options:
  1. Do it yourself
    Review your current HR practices and HR documentation against the requirements in the Fair Work Act and the correct Award/s (or other relevant industrial instrument) your employees are employed under
  2. Engage a HR Consultant -
    to conduct a review for you
  3. Actually, you have a 3rd option – do nothing… Not advisable [reread paragraph 2 above].
To read more on HR compliance and the recent updates on audits by the Fair Work Ombudsman, go to:
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This article was written by Jackie Strachan, Founder and Principal Consultant at HR Tactics.

HR Tactics works with SME's to ensure their HR practices are compliant with the Fair Work Act and WHS Act. HR Tactics also advises on employee performance and engagement initiatives that are easy to implement and cost effective for the SME market.