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Are your pay rates too low?

Today I want to help you out with the BIGGEST reasons smaller businesses are failing Fair Work audits across Australia - not paying your staff the correct wage rates.

This topic might make you a little uncomfortable, as you may discover the wage rates you are currently paying all/some of your employees are not actually correct. The good news is that you can change wage rates any time you like.

We know it can be downright confusing trying to figure out the correct wage rate for each and every staff member and there are many variables that legally need to be taken in to consideration - when all you want to do is pluck a number out of the air that you think is fair. If only it were that easy...

If you are well versed in setting the wage rates for your employees then you'll know the minimum wage rates come from Awards or Enterprise Agreements or the National Minimum Wage, and there is a set process you need to follow to select the correct wage rate (eg. understanding their correct classification, type of employment etc etc etc).

However we know many business owners are not well versed in this area of employment. If that sounds like you, then that's exactly why HR Tactics exists.

So if you're not absolutely and positively hand-on-heart sure that your employee wage rates are at or above what they should be, then click on our logo and we'll send you through a Wage Rate Sheet you can check your current wage rates against.