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HR Tactics Newsletter - 2017 April

Do you own or manage an SME? This month we are breaking down into plain English what is possibly the most important part of the WHS Act for employers of staff to understand.

The practical, easy to implement tips below will outline where to start to ensure you're meeting your obligations under this particular Act.
Did you know: If you have an effective safety management system in place, it is unlikely you will be liable for any behaviour of a worker that causes risk of injury or illness to themselves or others.

Did you know: no matter how small your business is, health and safety legislation in all Australian jurisdictions imposes a duty upon you to have a safe system of work. This requires the development of a safety management system.

What is a safety management system?
A safety management system involves having appropriate policies, processes and procedures to manage safety in your workplace.

As promised in our March Newsletter, we are going to cover step 1 of the 7 step process in more detail. However here are the 7 steps again for you in case you didn't receive our last newsletter:
Step 1: Put a safety plan in place (covered below)
Step 2: Set up a system for consultation with your workers
Step 3: Develop hazard identification and risk management processes
Step 4: Have written policies and procedures
Step 5: Provide all workers with proper training and induction
Step 6: Supervise your workers
Step 7: Monitor your workplace for safety compliance


A safety plan is your action plan and should form part of your business plan. It will look very different for each business as it must be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

So block out some time in your diary and work through the following tasks:

1. List the current risks and prospective risks for your business,
2. Chart how the risks will be eradicated or controlled,
3. Decide who is accountable for all the health and safety issues in your business by determining who will be responsible for:
  • managing compliance with health and safety duties;
  • developing relevant policies which outline workers' responsibilities and management responsibilities
  • distributing information;
  • establishing and maintaining consultation processes with workers;
  • planning and conducting health and safety training; and
  • developing budgets for improving safety controls.
4. Decide how those who have the above responsibilities are going to be kept accountable (eg. measures in their performance reviews, KPI's disciplinary procedures, performance management policy).

We know compliance with WHS legislation can be daunting for SME's but so is the prospect of somebody getting injured while at work and the serious $$$'s you may have to pay out if your safety management plans aren't in place and you are found liable.

HR Tactics is here to help
If you would like help in putting your safety plan together, HR Tactics is here to assist with as little or as much as you need. If you would prefer to just have us available to call at any time on WHS issues (or on any HR issue), our ' HR Now' employer advisory service might be the best option for you. For $100/month we'll provide you with phone-based advice and support whenever you need it.

Contact us and we can help you determine the level of support you might need.

In the meantime, please put your and your worker's safety first and contact us at any time for a free consultation.

HR Tactics Aim
Ultimately, we are here to assist you to keep the doors to your business open by:
- helping you systemise and simplify the HR activities in your business
- advising how to avoid costly legal claims before things go wrong, and
- assisting you to create and build an all-star team of employees who can drive your business forward every day.

To achieve this aim, our newsletters offer practical, easy to implement, cost effective solutions that you can implement in your business tomorrow (or today even) and updates on your legal obligations as an employer of staff under the Fair Work Act and WHS Act.

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