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Planning to hire or fire an employee?

A number of our SME clients are struggling with the complexities of Australian employment law and frequently contact us for advice in managing these complexities. With all businesses facing dire consequences of getting it wrong and being fined for non-compliance, we have been road testing some of the HR software on the market, specifically those designed for SME's.

The winner, in our opinion, is enableHR!

enableHR is a cloud based HR and WHS tool that has the functionality to meet the everyday HR needs in an SME (hiring, managing, firing), while protecting from non-compliance with the Fair Work Act and WHS Act.

Price & Inclusions
The system beats most of its competitors on price at $75/month and has all content backed by Australia's leading workplace law firm FCB. There's your peace of mind right there!

It comes pre-populated with all the necessary contracts, templates, guides and HR processes to manage your employees, contractors, volunteers and Work Health and Safety obligations. As it's cloud-based, you can access the system anytime, anywhere and enableHR interfaces with most payroll systems to seamlessly set up or update employees files without data duplication.

So if you are feeling burdened with issues around the hiring, managing, and firing of employees, and want step-by-step advice at your fingertips everyday and peace of mind that your practices are compliant with the Fair Work Act and WHS Act, I seriously recommend taking a look at the enableHR website at

If you'd like a demo of the system at your workplace to see if it's as good as we think it is, contact us at HR Tactics and we'll arrange a time to come out to you.