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Could you afford to pay $396,848 in penalties for non-compliance with the Fair Work Act 2009?

During the 2017 – 2018 financial year, many businesses were caught out by Fair Work Ombudsman compliance audits as the Ombudsman continues to clamp down hard on employers who continue to put off, or not care about the importance of, complying with the law when employing staff.


For those of you who have not had your HR practices checked yet, you may not like what you’re about to see….

Here are just some of the litigation outcomes from 2017 – 2018.

Business: Commercial and Residential Cleaning business
Nature of Non-compliance: Underpayments, record keeping, pay slips
Penalty: $361,200.00

Business: Accounting Firm
Nature of Non-compliance: Underpayments, record keeping, pay slips
Penalty: $169,586.25

Business: Chinese Restaurant
Nature of Non-compliance: Underpayments, record keeping
Penalty: $396,848.00

Business: Transport business
Nature of Non-compliance: Sham contracting, wages, payslips
Penalty: $36,000.00

Business: Carpenter
Nature of Non-compliance: Wages, payslips, failure to comply with NTP
Penalty: $154,995.00

Business: Hair Product Retailer
Nature of Non-compliance: Underpayments, record keeping, pay slips
Penalty: $70,600.00

Business: Japanese Restaurant
Nature of Non-compliance: Underpayments, record keeping, pay slips
: $284,400.00

Business: Cleaning Company
Nature of Non-compliance: Underpayments, pay slips
Penalty: $306,000.00

Business: Labour Hire Operator
Nature of Non-compliance: Failure to comply with compliance notice, record-keeping
Penalty: $10,800.00

Business: Fruit Market Grocer
Nature of Non-compliance: Underpayments, record-keeping, pay slips
Penalty: $660,020.00

Business: Labour Hire Company
Nature of Non-compliance: Underpayments, record-keeping, pay slips
Penalty: $84,660.00

Business: Convenience Store
Nature of Proceedings: Underpayments, record-keeping, false and misleading records
Penalty: $168,000.00

Unsure if your HR practices are compliant?

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