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It's official: The Fair Work Ombudsman's next audit campaign has commenced

Are you ready?

  • Are your record-keeping practices in line with employer requirements under the Fair Work Act?
  • Are your pay rates correct?
  • Are you complying with pay slip requirements?

These are only 3 out of the many questions Fair Work Inspectors are now asking businesses across Australia as the new campaign begins. Questions will be asked and business owners will need to provide Inspectors with evidence.

1000 businesses will be randomly selected with the Ombudsman's sights set on the following sectors:

  • fast food outlets,
  • restaurants
  • cafés
  • retail
  • security
  • manufacturing

If past audit campaigns are anything to go by, then the results and fallout from this campaign are not going to be pretty for some business owners who have not taken the need to comply with this legislation seriously. 

“Businesses need to appreciate the Fair Work Ombudsman will use its compliance and enforcement powers where required - including the commencement of legal proceedings," warns Acting Fair Work Ombudsman Kristen Hannah.

So if you haven't felt concerned about HR compliance to date, and are not sure, don't care and don't plan to find out whether your current HR practices comply, then just be sure you've got access to:
- $630,000 for each contravention as the company penalty and
- $126,000 for each contravention to pay your individual penalty.

“If a business cannot get the basic requirements right, then there’s going to be a whole host of problems" is the strong warning from Kristen Hannah.

If you're not sure if you've got the basics right, we at HR Tactics can help you find out. We're experts in this field so call us anytime for a confidential discussion or to arrange an on-site review of your compliance. 0406 146 116  or or through our website at