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Are you paying your staff correctly?

Did you know you need to pay your staff for any hours they spend at:
  • Team meetings
  • Training
  • Opening and closing the business.
The Fair Work Ombudsman is currently on the warpath, doing spot checks on businesses Australia wide, and the financial penalties of paying your employees incorrectly are hefty (not to mention the emotional toll that being investigated and found non-compliant, can take on an employer).

It is imperative that your employees are being paid the right pay rate for all hours they work, including those listed above.

How do I know?
To work out whether you are paying correct pay rates, you first need to know what the employees minimum pay rate is. This minimum pay rate can come from either an award, enterprise agreement or other registered agreement, or the national minimum wage.

So if you are unsure of your pay obligations as an employer, including minimum wages, pay slip and record keeping requirements, or the rules regarding unpaid work, contact us now at HR Tactics and we can give you fast answers to ensure you are complying with the Fair Work Act.

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