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Have you got the right type of Accident Insurance?

Harsh penalties apply if you haven't taken out accident insurance within 5 days of employing your first staff member.

If you do not take out a policy within this time frame, some pretty harsh penalties may apply.

If one of your workers has a work-related injury, workers' compensation will cover their medical costs and lost wages. As an employer, workers' compensation will cover you for these costs too, as well as costs from possible common law claims.

Where to get Workers Compensation Insurance?

Most Queensland employers get their workers' compensation insurance through WorkCover Queensland. Large businesses that employ at least 2000 workers may be eligible for self-insurance; however, they still need to meet the regulations outlined in the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003.

So if you are unsure what type of insurance you need and how to apply for Workers Compensation Insurance, you can generate your query from my website and I'll contact you for a confidential discussion.

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