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Jackie Strachan is the Founder and Chief HR Expert at HR Tactics.HR Tactics specialise in offering practical, affordable, easy to implement HR services to small/medium sized businesses Australia wide.

Jackie Strachan is the Founder and Chief HR Expert at HR Tactics.

HR Tactics specialise in offering practical, affordable, easy to implement HR services to small/medium sized businesses Australia wide.


To support as many business owners as possible with strategically designed, professionally executed and affordable HR practices that maximise their ROI in their people.

What sets us apart?

Best practice HR advice and management at your fingertips
Everyone on our HR Tactics team are Professionally Certified HR Practitioners (CAHRI) and have real business experience.

No lock in Packages
We know the complexity of advice and level of support you need can vary widely from a once-off to needing ongoing daily/weekly/monthly HR support. That's exactly why we don't lock you in to long term packages where you end up paying for things you don't even need. You can exit our services at anytime.

One size does not fit all
In comparison to many of our competitors we do not take a one size fits all approach provided by a nameless, faceless call centre often providing scripted advice. Your business is unique and we believe that the HR services you need can’t always be packaged into neat little boxes. That’s why we treat every client as an individual and create uniquely tailored solutions. We can be “hands on” and deal with a whole range of HR issues on your behalf or simply be there behind the scenes to provide HR advice and guidance and let you get on with it.

No fence-sitters here
You need certainty and that's what we give you. HR can be a legal minefield and mismanagement of your human resources can leave you in a whole world of pain. For that reason ethics and integrity underpin everything we do and every word of advice we provide you. We always choose 'right' over 'easy'.

Your Success is our Success!
If you're winning, we're winning.
If the success of your business is in any way determined by the quality of your HR management practices then don't risk your success. Let us make a real and measurable impact on your people so they can make a real and measurable impact on your clients and customers.

A word from our CEO - Jackie Strachan

As the Founder and Principal Consultant for HR Tactics my passion is in providing HR coaching and consulting services to businesses with between 10 and 50 staff. Businesses this size are often either growing or considering launching into a growth phase, have little or no HR systems or processes in place and are therefore those that will benefit the most from getting the HR fundamentals right. Without these fundamental HR practices in place and tightly tailored to align with business strategy, businesses will simply never be able to optimise the ROI in their people.

After growing up with very entrepreneurial parents and childhood memories of them tearing their hair out about issues with poorly performing or absent staff, I started forming ideas early on about there having to be a better way! My studies and career path through operational, managerial and leadership roles spanning each HR specialisation (Recruitment, Learning & Development, IR/ER, WHS etc etc) taught me these invaluable fundamentals. I absolutely love research which is a good thing in the HR sphere these days as the rate of change quickens – if there’s not changes in a particular piece of employment law one month, there’s bound to be one the next that I need to be across…. And understanding what makes our people tick while they’re in the workplace is after all the essence of Human Resource Management and constantly fascinates and drives me as I eagerly keep across new thinking in psychology and organisational behaviour.

It’s applying all this knowledge practically and affordably in smaller businesses that fulfils me week in week out. Ok so some of you reading this may just think this girl is cracked for getting a kick out of this HR compliance, performance and process sorta stuff, but hey that’s what I do – I help business owners and business leaders who don’t have the knowledge that I do, and don’t have the desire to go and get that knowledge. A marriage made in heaven is how I see it.

I know first-hand that running a business with staff nearly has you throwing the towel in some days but believe me, there is a better way and I know what needs to be done. I know what HR systems, processes and practices need to be in place and advising on and tailoring these to support and achieve a particular business strategy is what I do. It’s all about HR solutions that will have a clear & measurable impact on people and business performance

My promise to you:

* I’ll be there by your side every step of the way if you need it

* I’ll high five you when things are great, and

* I’ll be there to listen when they’re not.

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