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Over 50% of small businesses are failing Fair Work Audits!

Unsure if your employment practices would pass a Fair Work Audit?
Not sure what the Fair Work Ombudsman will audit you on?
Can't afford to pay up to $630,000+ per breach if Inspectors find a non-compliance?

That's where we step in

With the Fair Work Ombudsman ramping up their audit campaigns by now conducting random and unannounced audits on small and large businesses alike Australia wide, it is time to ask yourself honestly whether you can afford to be caught out and potentially crippling your business financially.

So if you haven't had a comprehensive compliance assessment conducted on your business, and you're not sure how to conduct one yourself, we can help.


Call us on 0406 146 116 for a confidential conversation where we'll:

  1. talk you through the areas you need to be compliant with
  2. find out what your current practices in these areas are, and 
  3. provide our professional advice on whether an on-site audit is advisable.

You never know, your HR practices may be more up to date than you think and an audit not even necessary. You can be sure of an honest answer from us either way.


If you proceed with a full on-site compliance review:

1. What we check

One of our compliance experts will run a complete on-site audit of every relevant HR document, HR system, and HR process to assess your level of compliance with your employer obligations under the Act.

This will cover: full pay reviews on all employees' hourly wages, allowances, penalty rates, leave entitlements etc, viewing evidence of your time & wages records keeping practices, cross-checking adherence to National Employment Standards and Award provisions as well as your policies and processes regarding managing underperformance, misconduct and dismissal.

2. Exposure Report & Debrief

We'll then issue you with a report detailing any areas you are legally exposed to breaching the Fair Work Act 2009 and your Award, and debrief you (in plain English either face-to-face or skype).

3. Changes Implemented

Depending on how competent you feel in making any necessary changes to your HR systems, processes and documentation, our compliance experts can either:

  • make all the changes for you 
  • coach you through each of the changes so you learn how to work through such changes yourself in the future, or 
  • let you get on with making any necessary changes yourself.

We make compliance fast and simple

What our past clients say...

"Having HR Tactics conduct a compliance review for us has given me great peace of mind. They uncovered underpayments in a number of areas including allowances and penalty rates."

"I only have a limited grasp on HR law so I didn't feel completely confident making the changes I needed to make by myself. But the coaching Jackie gave me has left me so much more confident I'll know what to do in the future and my business won't be at risk again."

"I thought we were 100% compliant however a couple of non-compliances were still uncovered by Jackie at HR Tactics so it was well worth my time and money to have everything checked with a fine tooth comb. Mr Ombudsman, I'm ready to be audited now!"

One risk-free phone call will get you on the right path