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* Flying blind without a Strategic HR Plan?
* Looking for expert advice on how to handle a HR issue?

* Need Employment Contracts, policies etc?

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There are so many different consulting services you can engage us for...

Phone Coaching
1-hour/fortnight, or

Lock in your own schedule of 1-hour private and confidential HR coaching sessions.
Jackie Strachan (our CEO) sets aside time for you every week/fortnight/month to answer your burning HR questions, coach you (or a key person in your business) through the correct handling of specific HR situations, or even just listen while you vent on staff issues you're experiencing. Whatever you would like to use your coaching hour for, it's entirely your decision. 
Call us and set up your direct line to our CEO

HR Documentation

We've got all your HR documentation needs covered. If the document you're needing is not in this list, just ask us

* Employment Contracts
* Position Descriptions
* Policies
* Induction or Onboarding Checklists
* Performance Review Template
* WHS Inspection Checklists
* Reference Check Template
* Disciplinary & Termination Letters

HR Strategy
Making HR decisions on the run? Think you're too small to have a HR Strategy?
Dare we say it - "Failing to plan, is planning to fail".
We work with you to identify your current and future human resources needs and develop a 12-month 'People Plan' that fits your budget and available resources, and supports your key business priorities. 

Employee Engagement & Retention
Have some large scale change on the horizon or just finally ready to start thinking longer term about how you manage HR in your business? There is a wide array of HR initiatives that drive employee engagement and build a high performing teams but depending on the nuances of your business, only particular initiatives will have the desired impact on your people. 

Here are a few examples of strategic initiatives we assist business with:

* Employee Engagement - Measurement & Monitoring
* Wellbeing programs (eg. mental health, financial, emotional resilience)
* Reward and recognition initiatives
* Extended Disc Psychometric Profiling (individuals &/or Teams)
* Organisational Values Alignment or Development

HR Process Reviews
Not happy with the outcomes you're getting from your in-house HR processes but want to keep managing them in-house. We conduct process reviews across a variety of HR practices and once we've identified what's getting in the way of achieving the business outcomes you're seeking, we can reengineer the process for you along with all the relevant documentation and training of key staff if required. The majority of our HR Process Reviews involve us taking a look at:

* Recruitment Processes and selection tools
* Performance Review Processes
* Underperformance and Misconduct Management Processes

Bespoke Training Workshops
Your business is unique. So are your people, their motivations, and the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours they bring to their role and the workplace everyday. That's why our highly interactive, workplace workshops are so popular amongst clients. Whether it's for 1-hour and just a once-off, or an ongoing series, let us design a learning intervention specifically tailored to the learning needs of your people and the outcomes you're needing to drive the business forward. 

If the learning needs of your team aren't listed in these examples of our past workshops, contact us:

* Building Emotional Resilience
* Courageous Conversations
* Leadership Development
* Time Management
* Fire Drills/Evacuation/Fire extinguisher use

Legislative Compliance
Having trouble interpreting and deciphering exactly what your or your employees obligations are under these pieces of legislation? Don't waste any more time - call us for expert guidance
* Fair Work Act 2009
* Modern Award conditions
* WHS Act 2011 (incl State-based legislation, Regulations & Codes of Practice)
* Age Discrimination Act 2004
* Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986
* Disability Discrimination Act 1992
Racial Discrimination Act 1975
Sex Discrimination Act 1984

Auditing Services
This is the fastest way to avoid fines and litigation. Give us the nod and in a matter of hours we will advise you on where your HR practices are leaving you legally exposed. We specialise in auditing your compliance with the:
* Fair Work Act
* WHS Act

Considering automating your HR function in the Cloud?

Ready to save some serious time and money on all the HR administration and HR compliance activities in your business - Contact us to arrange a free demo session of the two most affordable and value for money cloud-based HR systems on the market today - enableHR and Employment Hero. 

Once you've seen one, or both of these systems in action you'll be able to make an educated decision whether either of them are a good fit for your business.

Starting a Business or taking over one?

DAY-1 Ready Package



Value = $5,030

You pay = $4,599

If you're just getting started or just purchased a going concern and are looking to bring your first high quality employees onboard fast, have peace of mind that your employment practices are fully compliant [with the Fair Work Act and WHS Act], and that you have the necessary HR documentation and procedures in place for everything to run smoothly, then this package will definitely provide the support you're looking for.

Our Day-1 Ready Package will ensure all the employment fundamentals are covered for you from day-1 so you can get busy with the million other things needing to be accomplished at this crazy but exciting stage.

Our Day-1 Ready package includes:

* Recruitment Process Design & Development
* All recruitment and selection tools provided on USB for your future use
* Position Description (1 role)
* Psychometric Profiling (of top 2 candidates)
* Debrief on Psychometric Profile insights
* Employment Contract (1 role)
Onboarding & Induction Checklist (incl WHS)
* Employee Handbook (on USB)
* Policies (x3)
* Advice & assistance to ensure all employment practices are compliant with Fair Work Act 2009
* Complete WHS Management System - incl workplace compliance audit, all required documentation, 1-1 Owner training

* Unlimited phone & email contact with us during implementation of all package inclusions

+ BONUS: Free Review of your Insurance coverage (home & business) by a trusted advisor from Insurance Advisor Net (completely obligation free)

+ BONUS: Free consultation with a Financial Advisor from Godfrey Pembroke (completely obligation free)

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