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Getting your HR ducks in a row in advance is the best way to protect yourself legally for when and if employment relationships go wrong in your business.

To find out if you've got your HR ducks in a row, answer these few questions:

Are you confident you:

1. are 100% compliant with the Fair Work Act?
2. are 100% compliant with the WHS Act?
3. have Employment Contracts for all employees (that have been checked in last 12 months)
4. have the right policies in place & all employees have read them?
5. have up-to-date Position Descriptions for all roles
6. have a qualified HR Practitioner to contact when you have questions?

Answered "No" to some or many (or all) of these? Then take a look at how we support clients just like you with our Employer Protection Package below.

So what's included?

  1. Fair Work Audit + Exposure Report + Debrief + implementation
  2. WHS Audit + Exposure Report + Debrief + implementation
  3. HR Doc'n - Employment Contracts, Policies, Position Descriptions, Onboarding
  4. Demo of the 2 best value for money cloud-based HR Software
  5. 9-5/M-F phone & email access for any HR queries
  6. Weekly HR Check-in phone call or on-site from us