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"HR Now" Employer Advisory Service

No experienced HR person in your business?

As a business owner, it’s highly likely that the skills you’ve used to grow your business are based on your area of expertise and not on any formal HR training. As such, there’s probably a big knowledge gap in HR rules and regulations governing everything from hiring practices, to what you need to pay your people, applying and enforcing workplace policies, meeting training needs, how to fire someone in a legally compliant way, and knowing the fastest way to handle all the often administrative HR tasks in your business.

As Australian employment law is complex and ever changing, it’s difficult to keep up-to-date and fully compliant if it’s not your full-time job. But there are hefty penalties for getting it wrong, and ignorance is no defense.

Having your own HR Expert available to call and guide you every step of the way will give you peace of mind you are on the right track in all your hiring, managing and firing responsibilities - whether you require a solution to a complex HR problem or simply to use as a sounding board regarding the right course of action in an employment relations matter for example.

HR Now Employer Advisory Service
Mon - Fri

9am - 5pm

from $99/month

What you'll receive:

  • unlimited phone & email support

  • Free - HR Health Check, Report & Debrief

  • Free - one hour tutorial on using online HR tools to save time
  • Regular email updates on:
    - Practical tips to increase team member engagement & performance
    - Fair Work Act & Award change updates
    - Access to Ready-to-use forms & checklists (some examples include: WHS Inspection Checklist, Induction Checklist, Recruitment Checklist, Termination Checklist, Performance meeting process checklist, Employee Registration Form)

Your own HR and compliance advice expert is here for you when your business needs us most. No matter what issues you might be facing, or want to prevent in your business, we’re just a phone call away.

As your trusted HR partner, HR Tactics will assist you in achieving your HR and compliance goals with confidence across all areas of HR and Compliance. Here is a list of the main issue areas our clients contact us about:
- Fair Work Act, Award and NES compliance
- WHS Act compliance
- Recruitment & Selection
- Induction, Orientation, Onboarding
- Performance Management
- Training & Development
- Underperformance, Misconduct, Termination
- Unfair Dismissal, Unlawful Dismissal
- Reward & Recognition

All our HR and Compliance experts are Certified Members of the Australian Human Resources Institute and have extensive experience across all areas of HR practice.

Our HR Now Pricing Model

1-4 workers = $99/month [$1,188/year]
5-10 workers = $199/month [$2,388/year]
11-21 workers = $299/month [$3,588/year]
22-40 workers = 399/month [$4,788]

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