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Is this you?

* Still handling the hiring, managing and firing responsibilities yourself?

* Not financially viable to have your own dedicated HR Team yet?

* Need a more cost and time effective way to manage all the operational HR activities?

* Want to take the step towards embedding strategic approaches to people mgt

Engage an Off-Site HR Manager for a fraction of the cost of an internal HR Manager

We'll embed and manage on an ongoing basis the following key HR Strategies in your business using law firm backed cloud-based HR software:

Hand over all the sourcing & selecting to our 'specialist' recruiters & be sure any future hiring decisions are strategically aligned with business goals & vision. From in-depth job analysis through to psychometric testing and the salary negotiations

Let us ensure your new starters are professionally welcomed with personalised pre-commencement, induction & early-days initiatives tailored to engage, educate and support both the new starter and their manager

Relief knowing you're no longer dealing with performance issues alone - phone, email or speak face-to-face on Zoom for advice or coaching on performance & disciplinary matters. Plus quarterly development sessions that increase proficiency & emotional resilience

We let you get on with managing and leading your employees while we manage our suite of strategic engagement initiatives behind-the-scenes to activate, inspire and build commitment across your team

Leave all the WHS and Fair Work compliance to us. As experts in this we make sure all your employment contracts, policies, WHS processes, pay rates etc are managed in line with legislative requirements so you get 100% peace of mind


By leveraging the latest in HR technology with Employee Self Service technology, we can manage the above
in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

We embed the above strategies and support you and your people utilising these 3 methods:


  • Financially Smarter - The smartest way to embed HR strategy in the business but without the expense, risks and ongoing hassles of hiring an internal HR Manager
  • Stress Relieving - It instantly removes the stress and anxiety CEO's and Office Managers have been experiencing as they muddle through the daily HR activities constantly 'reacting' and 'putting out fires'
  • Tech savvy - All your employee information and time consuming operational and traditionally paper based HR tasks will be completely automated through a cloud-based HR software solutionthat's managed for you
  • Employer of Choice - know that your employees feel supported from the day they start to the day they leave your business 
  • Peace of mind - knowing there's always email & phone access on any performance management issues
  • 100% Compliance - always be sure your legal obligations are met under Australia's employment laws
  • Drives Business Results - At a fraction of the cost, real and measurable improvements to business results are brought about by the strategically designed strategies tailored to drive employee performance.


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